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Sapov Vyacheslav



Head of controlling the financial and economic department of the LLC "West Regions"


— Why did you decide to become a student of SHFM?
In general, the desire to learn was caused by an internal need. I wanted to acquire new knowledge and skills in this sphere of activity, which I do. Choosing a place of study, I focused on the practical component of the training process, the structure of the course, the level of faculty (accordingly - the level of teaching), reviews about SHFM, as well as the ability to communicate in a professional environment of appropriate level.

— Were your expectations met?
I can confidently say that the expectations were met, even more than I expected at the time of learning! I am  especially pleased that the knowledge I can put into practice. Many thanks to the School for the opportunity to communicate with a large number of professional and intelligent people, including both SHFM teachers and members of the department, and colleagues from different parts of Russia and CIS.

Higher School of Finance and Management RANEPA